Alexei Bazanov


Alexei Bazanov was born in the city of Saratov, Russia in 1959. He studied fine art in the College of Fine Art in the city of Saratov and after he graduated he entered the Academy of Fine Art, Sculpture and Architecture, named after I. Repin in Sankt- Petersburg , Russia . He studied under the leadership of professor A.Milnikov, a very well known Russian artist.

In 1987 –1991 he created a number of mosaic murals for the “ Union Palace”, “ Literary café “ in Saint Petersburg, and for restaurants in the city of Zelenogorsk.

In 1993 he was commissioned to work on installation mosaics for the new subway station “Staraya Derevnya” in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

Now he works with many galleries in different countries- in Canada, USA, France and Germany.