Elena Dobrynina


Elena Dobrynina was born in 1978 in the city of Voroneg, Russia. From early childhood, she attended special schools for art and music, respectively. After graduating secondary school, she entered the Art College of Voroneg.
In 1999, Elena came to St. Petersburg to enter the famous Repin Academy of Fine Art, Sculpture and Architecture. Here she studied under the famous professor, A. Milnikov who greatly influenced her style. Her work is reminiscent of Modigliani, Salvador Dali, Kandinsky, and of course Chagall.
Elena’s women are alone, and their presentations are mystical and haunting. There is always a whimsical note in her portraiture juxtaposed, and in contrast to, a deep and abiding concern. Elena, still a young woman, gives us a picture of all women and the matriarchal concern abiding for ourselves, and our environment. Elena lives and works in St. Petersburg, Russia. She has participated in many group and solo shows. Her paintings are in collections in Russia, Sweden, Germany, Finland, the USA and Canada.