Afanassi Pud


Afanassi Pud,aka Ewegeny Feinsilber, was born in1951 in Saint-Petersburg Russia. Ewegeny was an artist who assumed a nom de plume, Afanassi Pud, as his signature name. This he did to disguise the fact that he was Jewish since he would never have been able to offer and sell his paintings do to the prejudices that continue to exist in Russia. Afanassi attended the Leningrad Polytechnical University where he received both Bachelor's and Master's degrees in combined physics and mechanical engineering. After graduating he attended the Scientific Research Institute where he was awarded a PhD. He later attended and received a degree in fine art from the Saint-Petersburg Academy of Painting and Sculpture and Architecture. In 1983 Afanassi joined the illegal Association of Experimental Fine Art. This organization was a collective of avant-garde artists devoted to pursuing a post-modern direction. Because the organization was devoted to and expressed a need for freedom of expression they found themselves diametrically opposed to the government sponsored U.S.S.R. Artist's Union. There were severe repercussions for those whose art work didn't follow the government's guidelines of Social Realism. Afanassi's paintings, along with other artists, were removed from shows and confiscated. He was brought before officials of the K.G.B. many times and interrogated. Only the collapse of the Communist regime saved him from being arrested and confined as a dissident. Afanassi once said "The creating of a picture must not and cannot be limited by any condition or rule". For Afanassi the creative process converts energy into images that live on the canvas without time and outside the normal parameters of space. Afanassi sees himself much as Einstein has described, as a Mystic; who has the ability to view the universe in its unfolding and convert those images; not only to the plastic art of mathematics, but creatively, on the surface of the canvas. If one studies Afanassi's creations you will find that the results of his efforts, as receiver and transmitter [of the universe], produce a creation which is not only different for each individual who experiences it; but different every time a single individual comes to it. For the past several years Afanassi's creative efforts have centered along the themes of town or city, the art of theater, love and the imagining of the eternal. His work of late, has been devoted to Jewish history. Many works by the artist are in private collections in Russia, USA, Germany, Canada, Austria, Australia, France, Italy, The Netherlands and Hungary.