Hernandes Yang


Hernandes was born in Hong Kong in 1965. As with many artists, Hernandes showed an early interest in drawing and spent much of his youth working with figurative sketches. Yang attended the Hong Kong School of Fine Art graduating with a BFA. Immediately after graduation, he took the opportunity to study under famous artists Shi and Besheg. It was here that he perfected his brush and palette knife techniques for which he has become famous.
In his paintings, Hernandes combines a sense of clarity and fluidity. When one analyzes his colours and paintings techniques, Yang is revered as one of the best contemporary impressionists. Yang explains that he paints from nature, he feels the explosion of light, and colours become the focus in his painting. True to the impressionist tradition, he uses strong structures in his compositions utilizing colour, vivid and pure, with subtle and more traditional hues.
Today he travels the world, especially in Europe to get ideas and inspiration, often showing scenes from his travels. Hernandes is a member of the Artist Association of Hong Kong. His works are collected internationally and are found in Canada, USA, Europe and Hong Kong.